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Discover 6 powerful new features to help you tag smarter & faster

Click on each feature icon to see a short explainer video.


Meta Detective

Use these powerful visual tools to see what metadata your images already have, then use smart filters to help you quickly fill in the gaps.



Import your family tree, then use Quick Entry Keywords or Natural Language Tagging to easily tag family members in your photos.

3 - Group Tags

Group Tags

Use Group Tags to define a custom keyword that can contain multiple keywords, then breeze through the tagging process.

4 - QuickTags

Speed Through

QuickTags remembers your last 15 Natural Language keywords, so you can tag additional images with one click.

5 - Location Hints

Spot On

Location Hints is a new way to get much more precise location detection from Natural Language descriptions. Geotag with ease!

6 - Auto Name

Auto Names

AutoNames automatically detects and keyword tags contact names and family tree members from your Natural Language Description.

Your Photos & Stories

Together Forever

Tags are the perfect digital replacement for what we used to write on the back of our photos. Once you tag your images, it'll help you find that one special photo out of thousands, but its also traditionally been such a time consuming, technical process that many people simply skip it.

QromaTag for macOS introduces a new approach called Natural Language Tagging. Instead of worrying about what to tag and how to tag it, just describe your own photos your own way using voice recognition. This approach makes your photos searchable for generations to come, and ensures that your photos and the stories they tell are always together.

See how QromaTag can change how you tag photos.

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Effortless Geotagging

Set exact locations with a click.

You might know where a photos was taken, but will anyone else? With digital images, it's possible to store exact location, right down to the precise GPS coordinates. QromaTag makes this geotagging incredibly simple with a powerful Custom Places panel that helps you locate and store exact locations. Then with a single click 6 important pieces of precise and searchable location data, including address location, city and state, will be embedded into your photos, and forever end the age old question Where was that photo taken?

Built for Speed

Get done faster.

Tagging photos the old way involves lots of typing and tabbing from field to field. It takes time, can be tedious, and may put you off from tagging your images. This is bad. QromaTag's time saving features help speed you through.

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Voice Recognition Ready

Optimized to work with macOS's built in dictation system, just tap a key, describe your photo, then tap again to have the story captured. It's simple, accurate and a great time saver.

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Batch Friendly

Use QromaTag's powerful batch editing features to add partial or complete metadata for multiple images at once.

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Autofill Names

Rounding out QromaTag's war against excessive typing is the powerful autofill feature. Import your contacts in a click, then autofill people names just by typing in a few letters.

  • Easy Contacts Import

    Flip a switch and import your contact list for use with tagging. Then, tag people in images just by saying that person's name during your voice recognition description.

  • Quick View Enabled

    Sometimes thumbnails don't give you the full picture. Just like the Finder, tap the space bar to see any image full screen.

  • Fuzzy Logic

    Don't know exactly when a photo was taken? QromaTag uses fuzzy logic allowing you to tag a photo with just the year, month and year, or even a season and year.

  • Multi Format Support

    QromaTag can apply metadata to JPEG, PNG, TIFF and DNG (digital negative) files.

  • Safety First

    QromaTag can backup up your original file prior to writing metadata. It's very rare, but if the power goes out right when a file is being written, we have it covered!

  • FileName Organization

    Use an option to replace gibberishy alphanumberic filenames with a sensible date based format.


... or ask your own.

What kind of metadata does QromaTag write, and to what image formats?

QromaTag writes industry standard IPTC and EXIF metadata to JPEG, TIFF, PNG and DNG files.

Do I have to use voice recognition? My voice does not get recognized well…

No, you can enter text by typing in any field. You can also try voice recognition and then edit the recognized text before the Natural Language Tagger tries to parse your description.

Can I direct enter metadata for date, location and people? Some of my images already have some metadata I want to preserve

Yes, you can use the Inspector to directly enter metadata, and take advantage QromaTag's time saving features.

Is there a Windows version?

At this time no, but we are looking into it.

I have other questions. Where do I go?

Please contact us by opening a support ticket.
These trackable support tickets help us ensure we don't miss anyone's emails, and we generally respond back by email within one business day.

Trial Download

Test drive a fully functional version of QromaTag free for a week. QromaTag can run on any computer using macOS 10.11 or later. After the trial period ends, you can purchase a license key by clicking on the 'Buy' button at the top of this page.

First download the app from our server, mount the disk image, drag the app to your Applications folder. The disk image also contains a full user guide, a quickstart guide and a 24 minute video tutorial to help you get started.

If you have any questions during your trial period, please feel free to contact Product Support through the form at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you within a day.

Getting Started

How long does it take to become an expert at using QromaTag? 24 minutes. Watch this video and you will learn everything you need to know to get set up and using Natural Language Tagging. You can see shorter and more targeted segments of this video by clicking on the video training links below.

QuickStart & User Guides

The QuickStart Guide covers the basics and can help you start tagging in minutes. The QromaTag User Guide is broken into useful sections and covers every feature in detail. Get them here:


Download the QuickStart PDF to jump right in.

User Guide

Download the User Guide as a PDF, and read it on your Mac or PC.

Video Training

Watch these short video clips to get targeted information on how to use QromaTag.

  • Setup

    • About Photo Metadata

      This quick video give you a couple of concrete examples on why tagging your images is important, and how you will get immediate benefits.

    • Setting App Preferences

      This video shows you how to set QromaTag's 3 file handling preferences. These control how the app deals with backup files, file naming, and filtering.

    • Adding Relationships

      The Relationship Manager lets you use natural language nouns like 'mom' and 'dad' during your descriptions and QromaTag automatically embeds the full names of those people into the proper metadata field. Watch this video to see how this works.

    • Adding Names

      QromaTag can use your Contacts or other names you add to make it easy to autofill Keyword metadata into the Inspector. Find out how this works by watching this video.

    • Adding Custom Places

      QromaTag's Custom Places editor enables you to find and store precise locations that you can later use to all complete location data to your images with just a single click. Watch this video to learn how.

    • Setting up Voice Recognition

      Using Voice Recognition with QromaTag is optional, but it is very effective and can save you alot of time and typing. Find out how to get setup fast.

    Tagging Photos

    • Importing Folders & Working with Images

      This video covers how to bring images into QromaTag and work with the user interface to start tagging images.

    • Using Natural Language Tagging

      This video shows how your can turn your natural language description of a photo into industry standard metadata.

    • Direct Tagging

      There are times when some of your images have partial metadata and you just need to do a bit more to complete them. Direct tagging using the Inspector can help you quickly fill in missing metadata.

    QromaTag for macOS Support

    If you have a problem using QromaTag, or just need a tip, please open a support ticket. We generally respond within one business day. If you have not heard back from us in two days, please check your spam folder.