QromaFlip for iOS

Do you have important handwritten notes on the back of your photos? QromaFlip is an innovative photo scanner for iOS that scans both sides of an images and creates an industry standard MultiPage TIFF file.

Flip over your photos and preserve memories.

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MultiPage TIFFs

One File; Two Images

The back of our photos can be rich in family history. Many people who want to preserve these memories scan the backs of their photos as separate files, but there's a better way to keep your history together.

The industry standard TIFF format has been used for decades by those striving to preserve the highest image quality. There's also a little known feature of the format that also allows multiple pages to be stored inside a single image file. QromaFlip makes it easy to scan both sides of an image and create a fully tagged MultiPage TIFF file which can be enjoyed for generations.

tag naturally

Fully Guided

End to end, its never been easier to create a MultiPage TIFF.

Easy to expand

Story Inside

Create the story that makes your photos searchable for generations.

natural language tagging

We Relate

Use 'dad' in your description and we'll tag his full name


Fully Streamlined

One app does it all.

The process of scanning, tagging and bonding 2 images together into a standard MultiPage TIFF files has traditionally been a somewhat obscure process often requiring multiple software tools. QromaFlip guides you through the process quickly and completely. From scanning the first image to tagging and saving the image, QromaFlip walks you through the entire process. There has never been an easier way to make MultiPage TIFFs.

Now, wherever your most important photos go, the story on the back goes with it too.

Your Photos & Stories

Together Forever

Tags are the perfect way to make all your photos searchable, but it's a slow and tedius task.

QromaFlip uses the same innovative Natural Tagging Engine found in other Qroma Photo products. Use voice recognition to describe your photos, and QromaFlip detects important details, including dates, locations and even the full names of the people in the photos and automatically generates the key metadata tags.

With the metadata now embedded inside the file, you can find any photo with just a few keystrokes, or pass along a great backstory for future generations.

Click on the image to the right to see an example of QromaFlip's tagging capabilities. The user said "This is my mom and sister at the Eiffel Tower in the spring of 1974." QromaFlip automatically created metadata tags for date, place and people.

Natural Language Tagging

We Relate

To You

NLT is an amazingly simple way to create many tags from a description, but how natural would it be if you had to say the full names of your mom,dad and other relatives every time? Not very natural at all.

That's why QromaFlip's Relationship Manager makes it dead simple to tag the full names of the people that mean the most to you. Simple say something like "This is my mom and dad opening my Christmas present to them in San Jose, California in the winter of 1967" and QromaFlip will tag that image with the full names of both your parents. Its simple and natural.

  • Cloud Sync Enabled

    QromaFlip supports either iCloud Drive or Dropbox, so you can see your images on your computer & other devices almost instantly.

  • People Presets

    Store names of people that might be in your photos often, then apply a tag with a quick touch.

  • Voice Ready

    QromaFlip has two powerful voice recognition engines that make it easy to create searchable tags without typing!

  • In App Metadata Editor

    QromaFlip’s built in Metadata Editor makes it easy to fine tune the details later.

  • Location Presets

    Store precise locations or addresses in QromaFlip, then tag your images with rich location data with a single tap.

  • Fully Supported

    Like all Qroma Photo products, QromaFlip comes with a full user guide, video tutorials and free support to help you get the most out of it.


... or ask your own.

What kind of metadata does QromaFlip write?

QromaFlip writes industry standard IPTC and EXIF metadata to the industry standard MultiPage TIFF file.

Do I have to use voice recognition? My voice does not get recognized well…

No, can type in metadata, or use voice recognition partially. QromaFlip also supports stored presets, so if you use the same name or location often, you can store it once, and use it over and over again.

Can I directly enter metadata for date, location and people? Some of my images already have some metadata I want to preserve

Yes, you can use the Inspector to directly enter metadata, and take advantage QromaFlip's time saving features.

Is there an Android version?

Not at this time.

I have other questions. Where do I go?

Please contact us by opening a support ticket.
These trackable support tickets help us ensure we don't miss anyone's emails, and we generally respond back by email within one business day.

Getting Started

This 10 minute video will get you up to speed with everything you need to know to get started creating MultiPage TIFFS then making them searchable with Natural Language Tagging.

You can also jump straight to shorter clips to show you how to:

Capture & Tag (2 minutes)

Edit Metadata (2 minutes)

Use Advanced Features (4 minutes)

QromaFlip Support

If you have a problem using QromaFlip, or just need a tip, please open a support ticket. We generally respond within one business day. If you have not heard back from us in two days, please check your spam folder.