QromaTag v2.5 introduces new features to help you keep your photo library well organized and tag your photos quickly. Here are the new improvements:

  • QromaDrop Support — When you define a Master Folder in QromaDrop, that Folder now appears in QromaTag’s Folder Bar. Your UnDated images appear right up top, and when you use QromaTag to add a date, those images will then be moved to the correct place in the tree structure.
  • Contextual Menu Tagging — Now you can one or many images right from the Gallery using Contextual Menus. Just pick your images, then right click to get access to any of your People, Places or Relationship presets. Tagging is instant!
  • Folder Bar Changes - In addition to QromaDrop support, the new FolderBar shows you the most recent images that you have tagged during each app session.
  • Pindrop Geotagging — QromaTag now supports precise geotagging in both the Custom Places panel and in the Inspector using pindrops.
  • Performance Improvements — Huge performance improvements in scrolling through a folder with hundreds or thousands of images. Up to a 15x speed with MetaData Detectors.
  • UI Improvements — Now see the total number of images in a Gallery folder. QromaTag now also remembers your window position and restores it between app launches.

  • Video Update


    QromaDrop v1.0.7 is our initial release, with the following features:

  • Menu Bar App — Keep your photo library up to date and tidy by dropping new images into your Master Folder using this handy menu bar based drop zone.
  • File Renaming — Rename your images as you organize using a date based naming convention.
  • QromaTag Integration - Some of your images may not contain an internal capture date. QromaDrop moves these images to an Undated folder, where you can add date tags with QromaTag, and they will then be automatically moved into the correct folder in the tree structure.

  • Video Tutorial



    QromaFlip v2.1 introduces new features to help you tag your MultiPage TIFFs more efficently:

  • GEDCOM Import — Import your GEDCOM Family Tree file, and then automatically tag the names of of people in your photos just by saying their names in the voice description, or enter them using quick entry keywords.
  • GroupTags — Save time when applying multiple tags to images. Create a single custom keyword that can contain multiple keywords.
  • NLT QuickTags - Reuse any of the last 15 metadata tags for Date, Location or People Keywords detected by Natural Language Tagging.
  • Location Hints — Get much more accurate location detection by surrounding your location with the hashtag characters.
  • Auto Name Recognition — Natural Language Tagging now automatically creates keywords when it detects a name that is imported in the Contacts, Names or Family Tree lists.