Qroma Photo Update

A lot has happened in the world since our last post, and I hope that you and your family are happy, healthy and safe during this unprecedented time in our lives. Recently, we released updated versions of all of our current products and I wanted to give you a brief rundown of what has changed.

iOS Apps For our iOS apps (QromaScan, QromaTag & QromaFlip) we did a lot of work under the hood to fix bugs and lay the foundation for the upcoming release of iOS 14. Our biggest new feature is something you will find in the Cloud Sync settings of each app called “Photos Push”. We have had iCloud and DropBox support since the early days of each product, but Photos Push now gives you the option to move all your scanned and tagged photos from our apps directly to your Photos Library, where they can be viewed on all your devices if you have iCloud Photos turned on. This is great for when you have all your metadata edits complete, and you want to move these images into your larger photo library. Once there, you can take advantage of the amazing image editing features available in the Photos app which are are much better than our own humble image editing tools. All the tags created in our apps will move over with the files, so you will be able to find your photos very quickly. One thing I should mention is that the Photos app does not have an interface to view the second page of MultiPage TIFFs, but the second page is definitely still there and can be seen on any app that can page through these types of TIFF files, including Preview on the Mac and numerous apps on Windows. QromaScan v2, QromaTag v3 and QromaFlip v2 are currently available for download or update from the iOS App Store.

Mac Apps Our biggest changes are on the macOS side, with QromaTag v2. Our key new feature is Metadata Detectors, which gives you a visual representation of the existing metadata for the photos in your working folder. Color coded boxes show you if the image has important metadata such as the date, location, keywords or a description. You can roll over these boxes with your mouse to see which tags are in these fields, and then use special filters to see only photos that are missing a particular tag, such as the date. This is great for quickly filling in metadata gaps you might have in your photos. We also now have GEDCOM import, which lets you bring in your family tree which you can then use for quick entry keyword tagging or with Natural Language Tagging. There are four other workflow improvement features we’ve added to help you tag smarter and faster. You can learn more about all six on our QromaTag product page, or by viewing an in depth new features tutorial. If you are also using QromaFlip, all of these new features with the exception of Metadata Detectors are also included in the version 2 release.

Upgrades If you are using v1 of QromaTag or QromaFlip, I have made version 2 a free upgrade! Use the “Check for Updates” feature under the Help menu to get the upgrade.

I hope you get the most out of these new features, but if we can be of any help or you have some feedback for us, please visit our support site and open a ticket. Be well, be safe and happy scanning & tagging!

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