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QromaScan unlocks the power of your photos for future generations.

QromaScan is an innovative scanner for the iPhone that makes it dead simple not only to create high quality photos, but also capture the most essential part of that photo's story and make it searchable for future generations. Through an innovative technology called Natural Language Tagging, simply use your own voice to describe you photos your own way, and QromaScan automatically generates seachable metadata tags for things like the people, places and dates of your photos.

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2 Great Mac Apps; One Amazing Price

Do you have photos on your Mac that don’t have complete photo metadata tags, and you want to make them searchable for future generations? The Qroma Mac Bundle makes it easy to quickly preserve, tag and organize your photos.

QromaTag for Mac uses the same easy to use Natural Language Tagging engine shared by other Qroma Photo apps, and makes it simple to quickly tag large numbers of photos using your Mac’s built in voice recognition system. Say goodbye to field by field typing, and hello tp perfectly tagged images that will be easily searchable both today and for future generations.

If you scanned both sides of a very important family photo, QromaFlip for Mac can join them into a single industry standard MultiPage TIFF image that you can also tag using Natural Language Tagging. Now the back of your important photos can travel together with the front, and be fully searchable.

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In about 30 seconds, see how QromaTag use voice recognition to help tag your photos quickly.

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Qroma Total Bundle

The Qroma Total Bundle combines the QromaScan LightBox & USB adapter with a licenses for both QromaTag & QromaFlip. These two apps QromaScan's Natural Language Tagging technology to help you add searchable metadata to images already on your computer using voice recognition. Act now and add these two powerful apps to your order for less than $20 when you use coupon code GenTotal.

Requires a Mac running the El Capitan (10.11) or higher operating system.

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