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QromaScan LightBox

The QromaScan USB Bundle is everything you need to quickly scan and tag your photos in one step using your iPhone. Our unique Natural Language Tagging voice recognition engine allows you to describe your photos your on way, and we automatically detect and tag things like dates, places and people in your photos. You can even use natural titles like 'Mom' or 'Dad' when describing people in your photos, and we will tag the image with their full names.

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QromaScan LightBox

Tagging photos has been traditionally a tedious affair involving lots of typing, tabbing and then more typing. QromaTag for macOS makes tagging a breeze with two remarkable innovations. First, instead of typing, use the powerful voice recognition engine built right inside your Mac to create rich descriptions that tell the story of the photo. Next, QromaTag's Natural Language Tagging feature looks through the description for things like dates, locations and people and automatically creates the correct tags for you. You can even use family titles like 'Mom' and 'Dad' in your description and QromaTag will tag the full name of your relatives. It's a great time saver and will motivate you to tag all your photos.

Requires macOS 10.11 or higher. Use coupon code GenBargain to get 35% off!

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Total Bundle

Save a bundle on a great bundle! If you have boxes of unscanned photos and lots of untagged images on your computer, the Qroma Total Bundle is the easiest way to turn them into well organized, searchable images that will last for generations. The bundle includes the QromaScan LightBox with USB adapter and a CD containing a full license of QromaTag for macOS. Both tools use the same innovative Natural Language Tagging engine, making it easy to use the same system for both scanning or tagging.

QromaTag requires macOS 10.11 or higher. Use coupon code GenTotal to get 35% off!

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