QromaScan LightBoxes are Shipping!!

qromascan kickstarter

I want to express my deepest thanks to those that supported the QromaScan Kickstarter project.

Over the past 3 and a half months, my small team and I have worked to take your backing and make QromaScan a commercial product. Today I am very please to report that we have placed the Kickstarter rewards into the loving hands of the United States Postal Service. Three burly men hoisted over 700 QromaScan LightBoxes into a mail truck and on their way to 27 countries:

So, how efficient is the post office these days? Some of you in California will get yours TOMORROW! The rest of the country will get theirs in 2-3 days. Our international backers should get their rewards in about 7 days or so.

QromaScan iOS App

Last week, as we were preparing to submit the QromaScan iOS app to the App Store for review, we did some testing on the final version of iOS 9, which was released last week. We discovered a problem with one of the pre-filters we use to try to crop the photo as accurately as possible. On iOS 8, it works, but on iOS 9, it actually stops us from detecting any image at all. We stopped our app submission and we put in some code to turn off this filter when we detect the user is using iOS 9. We are talking to Apple about this now, and we hope to restore it soon. In the meantime, we have submitted the new version of the app to the App Store, and hopefully if all the 'i' were dotted and every 't' crossed, the QromaScan app will be in the App Store sometime this weekend.

This means that for many of you, the LightBox will get to you before the app, and for that I am really sorry. I will send a second email out to this same list when the app is ready to download.

This second email will also have some links to our new site, which will go up at the same time as the app, and will provide some tutorials for how to get up and running with the world's first photo scanner that tags and scans your photos in one step using voice recognition.

I really hope you all enjoy it. Have fun!

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