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I think our first two releases should be mostly bug fixes, but after that we can start adding in new features. If there is something you think is missing, or something we could do better, you can post it here.

If you prefer a more private feedback channel, just open a support ticket with the title 'Feature Request', and we will add it to the list. Our support system is at



  • mhodges105
    #1 - I would love to be able to add content tags in addition to Name, date and location, even if the number needed to be limited.

    #2 - How do you handle old photos that are not perfectly flat? Is it back to the flat-bed scanner or routine iPhone scan apps?

    #3 - Can QromaScan handle uncertain dates "roughly age 6" or 1945-46? 

    #4 - Since genealogy seems to be a good match, it would be great to hear the ways people are enjoying QromaScan.
  • Hilltownroots
    Android, please.
  • kristen
    I'm with mhodges105 above on his #1, but I'd like to take it further. Sometimes I like to scan keepsakes that aren't photos (before they crumble apart), and it would be wonderful to be able to categorize by just speaking normal words. If you could accept a full dictionary where we could add our own words that aren't normal words, that would be fantastic. That would be separate from people and place tags... just generic category tags.
  • tonyknight
    We are going to extend some features in version 1.4 that might be what you are looking for.  We will support the 'Description' metadata field in the Gallery view, meaning that when you slide around your photos, you will be able to pick one and add a description that will then be written to metadata.  We may also extend this to allow you to add a keyword in this same screen.

  • tonyknight
    Hi Mary,

    I wanted to add an answer to your question about relative date.  Not sure if I emailed you the answer directly, but I will post it here anyway.

    For dates, we are populating a very specific metadata field that is part of the JPEG standard called 'Exif Capture Date'  This field is important because it is the one all software programs and web services use to read the date of the photo so they can group photos in chronological order.  this field requires The Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minute & Second.  We automatically populate the hour, minute and second, but we need the full date from you or the record will be incomplete.  I have run into this problem many times with my own photos, and I have worked out a system of approximating photos.  I try to get the year correct, and then I try to figure out from the content of the photo what season it was and from there I add a fixed quarterly date, such as January 1, June 1, etc.

    to your question about photo curl, I found the best way to address this is by gently reverse curling the photos with one hand. I lightly grab the landscape edges with my thumb and index fingers and curl them in the reverse direction lightly 3-4 times.  With my photos that have the typical 4x6 curl this seems to work pretty consistently.  Let me know if this works for you.
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