QromaScan v1.1 Update Released

Last night, we released an important update (v1.1) to the QromaScan iOS app, and it should be available to you now on the Apple App Store.

Here is a list of improvements:

Capture improvements for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus — There was a bug that caused the capture preview to look good, but the actual capture was always wrong. Fixed in version 1.1

Significant photo detection and capture improvements for iOS 8 users — We found cases were, based on the content of the photo, we were not detecting whole photo right away and sometimes the capture would get some green in the cropped image. This is greatly improved in v1.1, and you should rarely have to tap the screen to do a full screen capture when the image is not detected.

Edit Tags Dialogue fixed in iOS 9 — For iOS 9 users, there was a problem where the dialogue box that let you edit either location date or people metadata would appear, but the actual text boxes were hidden. Fixed in v1.1

iOS 9 Users

In an earlier email, I suggested that if you were on the fence about updating to iOS 9, you should not hesitate on account of QromaScan, and that we would find a solution to the photo detection issue in short order. That was a bit hasty of me, I’m afraid. Over the past few weeks, we have discovered several bugs in iOS 9 that do not exist in iOS 8, and they have had some impact on our ability to detect and crop images. Without getting too technical, there are some functions that have worked very well for many months under iOS 8 that just don't work at all under iOS 9, and have forced us to deploy some workarounds. Under iOS 8 with the v1.1 update, we are correctly detecting about 95% - 98% of images in the lightbox on the first or second placement. Under iOS 9, depending on the content of the photo, this drop to between 80-90% since we had to turn off some of our detection code. We have reported these bugs to Apple, and are now working actively with them to implement better workarounds until there is an iOS update.

If you have not updated to iOS 9, and are planning on doing a lot of scanning, I would recommend that you hold off on updating. If you have updated, we will have a version 1.2 update released in the next 7-10 days (it takes about 7 days to get an app update approved by Apple) and this will include some code that allows us to turn back on some of the detection code in exchange for a medium size performance hit.

New 2 Page Cheat Sheet

We have updated our downloadable and printable cheat sheet to contain an additional page that includes some tips related to positioning the images for scanning. I think both pages now make a good guide that you can use to get up and running faster. You can download this PDF here:


Improving Voice Recognition

If you have had some problems using the voice recognition process in QromaScan, there are two important tips I can share with you that some of our users have had great success with.

1) If you are having trouble getting commands to be recognized, try plugging in and using the Apple are buds that came with your iPhone. Most recognition problems are due to noise issues, and these headphones can greatly improve overall recognition.

2) If you have had some scanning sessions where you have had trouble either getting commands recognized or the date and location recognized, consider sending us your recognition log file. We have built in a way for us to get your log files via email, and with just a few minutes we can look at the log file and offer some suggestions based on the errors we see. Often times, a small adjustment can significantly improve the recognition. You can send us your log file by tapping ‘Settings’, then ‘Support’, and then finally ‘Send Log’. This will create a self addressed email right inside the app and will attach the log file. We generally get back to you in about a day.

Product Road Map

If you got used to my Kickstarter updates every Friday, then you will appreciate our product update cycle. We plan on issuing product updates every 7-10 days. Ideally, we would like to update every week, but it takes about 6-7 days to get an update approved by Apple, so we have worked that into this schedule. The first two updates will be bug fixes, and starting with v1.3, we will start adding some of the features you have requested. Stay tuned for the v1.2 update announcement, and we will tell you what to expect in the next update. If there is a feature you are interested in seeing in a future release of QromaScan, please either open a support ticket, or start a new discussion on our Community Forum.


If you are having any trouble using either the Lightbox or the app, give us a change to help you out. The best way to get support is to open a support ticket at Qroma Support. The support tickets go right to the development team and allow us to offer you advice and track bugs that we want to fix in later versions. You can also join our Community Forum, where you can discuss your QromaScan experiences with fellow users.

Many thanks,

Tony Knight
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