Tips for getting better Voice Recognition

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How has QromaScan been recognizing your commands, Names, Dates and Places? Here are some tips that can help improve your recognition:

1) Place yourself in a quiet room. Outside noise can throw off our two recognition engines.
2) Place the Lightbox in front of you, logo side facing you so you can talk directly into the microphones.
3) If there is some outside noise or talking, wait one to two seconds before attempting a new command.
4) The most common reason why we can recognize the Date/Location is because the date is incomplete. Make sure you say the Month Date and Year. If you are in the United States, an example would be June 1st, 1999. Saying 1999, or June 1999 would be incomplete and will lead to an incomplete parse.
5) If you are trying to pinpoint a location to a landmark, make sure you also add the City and State too. for example "Statue of Liberty New York, New York". "Statue of Liberty" by itself might work in some occasions, but in other cases might locate your nearest Statue of Liberty Hot Dog chain instead. Why tempt fate?

Finally, using your Apple earphones can dramatically increase your recognition because it does a much better job of isolating background noise.

OK, let me know what your own experiences have been.....



  • milko
    I have tried your suggestions and can't get date recognition to work (as well as lots of other things). I have an iPhone 5, IOS 8 and I live in the UK. I have a standard English UK female voice and a case on the iPhone. I have clicked for UK English and 'done'. Although this message is mostly about voice recognition, I wonder if you could provide a text to go with the videos as you speak quickly and it is difficult to take in all the instructions especially for a UK speaker and a computer novice.

    My questions are:
    Any advice?
    Should I wait for the next version?
    Should I upgrade to IOS 9?
    Should I remove the case, which I don't want to?
  • tonyknight
    Hi milko!

    Yes, there are a couple of things you can do. First, download and print this two page quickstart guide. I think it does a better job of going over the voice recognition process than the videos, since you can always glance down on it while you are scanning. Here is the link:

    The other thing you can do is send us your voice recognition log file. We have built in an easy way for us to get your log files via email, and with just a few minutes we can look at the log file and offer some suggestions based on the errors we see. Often times, a small adjustment can significantly improve the recognition. You can send us your log file by tapping ‘Settings’, then ‘Support’, and then finally ‘Send Log’. This will create a self addressed email right inside the app and will attach the log file.

    Please let me know how this works out!
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