What is necessary to begin?

I have already scanned most of my pictures but would like to be able to add tags Do I have to buy the light box in order to use qromascan? Or could I purchase just the slide scanner?


  • tonyknight
    If your photos are already digitized, you can purchase our companion product called QromaTag and you can import digitized photos into your iOS device via Dropbox or iCloud and then use our voice recognition technology to tag those images.

    Right now, QromaTag is at version 1.1, and does not have the natural language tagging features that QromaScan v3 does.  We will update QromaTag to v2 within the next two weeks, and it will have this technology and this will make it dramatically easier to tag image.

    Now, this forum isn't particularly well read, so it you do happen to be reading up to this point, I don't mind letting you in on a little secret.  We are working on a version of QromaTag for the Mac that do all of this natural language tagging stuff.  I am hope we can release it in the early part of next year.
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