iPhone 8 Compatibility?

Assuming the camera lens positions change on the iPhone 8, will the QromaScan still register without modification?


  • tonyknight
    Sorry for the late response, but the answer is yes.  We have not seen he iPhone 8 yet, but I believe the standard lens should be in the same position as other models, and the telephoto lens will be below it.  In any case, we have the ability to support individual models separately, so we should be able to adapt to it.
  • paulSLC
    Thanks but I was concerned about the hole in the light tent. Since there is no picture of it, I wasn't sure if it is oriented horizontally or big enough where it doesn't matter. As we now know, the iPhone 8 is the same form factor but it's really the iPhone X where the lens is oriented vertically. Just wanted to verify that the light tent won't present a problem for the iPhone X. 
    Also, same basic question for the slide/negative box. Thanks.
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