Feedback on the QromaScan Lightbox

We are interested in knowing what your impressions of the QromaScan Lightbox are. What did you think of the build quality? Is it what you expected? Better than expected? What did you like the most? What would you change in the next go around?


  • LawrieBeales
    Tony, I received my QromaScan Thursday and after I purchased a battery on Friday decided to put it thru its paces with my brand new iPhone 6S plus.

    Unfortunately the results were not useable as the pictures were cropped smaller and offset from where they appeared in the viewfinder when capturing.

    Luckily my wife has an iPhone 5S and when tried with this the results were as promised. It would seem there is a software bug in the app that only affects the latest higher resolution iPhone cameras.

    I will have to put my scanning on hold until you can sort this out
  • tonyknight
    Hi Lawrie,

    Is your wife's iPhone running iOS 8 or did she update to iOS 9?

    It may or may not be related to the new resolution. I kind of doubt it, but I should have access to one sometime in the next week.

    If you don't mind, could you try a few more photos on the 6S Plus and report the results as a support issue? Here is the link to our support system, and it allows us to better track issues.

  • batmandi
    edited October 2015
    Hi Tony,

    I also had the same issue with my new 6s Plus. I just sent you the logs. Let me know if you need any more info from me about this, thanks!

    Edited to add: To answer your questions above, I am very impressed with the quality of the physical light box. Beautiful, stores nicely, great weight that makes it feel substantial and lasting. The only thing I personally would change is if you could find somewhere for the battery. It's a little silly just hanging off the side right now, but it's not an obstruction for usability or storage in the slightest.
  • VanguardHydra
    I like the box. Very well put together The LEDs seem to work ok. I am wondering if there needs to be more diffusion of light. In a future version there may need to be something to firm up the box when assembled. Something to help squaring of the box and leveling of the phone.
    I have been trying to use the app, but it is not working as I expect. The app doesn't seem to want to take a picture of the cropped area. If I tap the screen I get an un-cropped photo I can not seem to adjust any camera settings. Some of my photos are showing way to over exposed on the screen.
    I don't want to add any Meta data when I am scanning the photo. I have thousands of printed photos to capture I just want to get that part done first.
    It would be nice if there was a way to batch add Meta data. If I have rolls of vacation film I know they are more or less on the same day. I don't really want to add a date to each photo.
    Is there a function to batch save photos to the phone Camera Roll?
    I have photos of various sizes. Some as large as 8x10 and the scanner can not seem to crop to that size even though I see the full picture on the screen. I would love this to be able to take photos of my trading cards and comics for cataloging.
    The next version needs to have a lot more setting customizations.
    A way to calibrate the camera in the box to the level of light would also be nice.

    Those are my thoughts for now. Still I am glad I backed this project. It can only get better.
  • jbhaber
    There's no hope in getting started scanning without first viewing the several tutorial videos. I would recommend adding links to the videos in the software under a menu titled "Getting Started". Additionally, I'd add the list of commands in the software somewhere.

    I typed up a small list of the commands and taped it to the top of the lightbox. Maybe the next version you could include a small sticker with the commands? Or print them directly on the top?
  • gmf1963
    Dear Tony,
    the box is nice but the voice recognition doesn't work well - I tried English and German.
    It would be nice to be able to scan without naming date, place and persons. I have many old pics (from parents and grandparents) where I have no idea where when they were made. Maybe with one of the coming updates...
    Best Regards
  • tonyknight

    Thanks for your first impressions, and I wanted to speak to a few of the points you brought up.

    I’m not quite certain what you mean about the box not being level. It very much should be very level. If it isn’t, it’s possible that it’s not assembled correctly, or there is some defect in the box you got. Can you send me a photo of your box with your iPhone mounted on it? Here is mine with the compass level app loaded:

    My desk is about 1 degree off, or otherwise the phone should be totally level.

    There are a couple of important cropping issue that are going to be resolved in our first update, and they are the result of a couple of things. First, there was an issue with something new in iOS 9 that caused our cropping pre-filter to fail. Also, if you have a new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, the increased resolution (12MP vs 8MP) is causing our crop to look fine on screen, but way off on disk. This will be fixed with an update to be posted next week.

    There is a situation that e have not been able to track down where the some wrong settings are passed to the Camera and things look way over exposed. In this situation, quit out of the app, place the iPhone back on the box, and restart the app. Because the QromaScan Lightbox is suppose to be a known environment, we can dial the focus, exposure and white balance to the exact settings. I have seen the over exposure problem and we are tying to track it down, but normally everything should be dialed in perfectly.

    You can definitely scan photos without metadata, but I would not recommend it. Photo have context, and we try capture some of the important elements of this context by tagging the date, location and people in the photos. This little bit of extra work will then allow you to see your photos in chronological order in the gallery, let you search on photos by location and people, and let other apps, such as the Camera Roll also understand the context of your photos too. if this context isn’t capture, then every photo you scan will appear to QromaScan, and every other app as a photo taken on the day you scanned it, and not it’s true date.

    We have tools to help make adding this context easier. For example, in your example, if you have a roll of photos that have been taken on the same data and location, you only have to set this once at the head of the roll. Turn on AutoScan, and each photo in that roll will be scan in seconds with the data and location metadata tagged.

    We will have a Camera Roll export available soon.

    Many thanks for your first impressions, and we are working on improvements as we speak….

  • LawrieBeales
    Just scanned 100 photos and with a couple if exceptions, pictures with square things in them, they all scanned and cropped correctly.
    I was going to ask if there was a bulk export command but you have answered that above so I will wait for that to come.
    I agree that the basic commands should be shown in the app under settings/FAQ and also the links to the videos.
    I dont know if it matters but I have been taking the case off my iP6S+ so the body of the phone is right on the box, if this is relavent then perhaps that should be in FAQ also.
    One annoying thing is my phone screen keeps dimming automatically and I have to tap the screen before it quits alltogether. Perhaps the app needs to overide the screen save even if it means having to have it on charge when scanning.

    Cheers Lawrie
  • sactobob
    Unhappy experience! I believe that I was in your first shipment as I received the Qroma just a couple days after you announced the first shipment. I just got around to opening the box today. I found that I need to go out and buy a 9V battery but I tried scanning with ambient light. I got decent but not wonderful results. So it should get very good scans once I have a battery.

    However, I have one of those voices. With some of us, voice recognition isn't the best show in town! I find myself having to repeat commands several times before Qroma responds. Likely that would improve with use. Hopefully!

    Now for my unhappiness.... I found the darned thing hard to erect. I'd get the long tab in the long slot and the crosspiece would pull out of its slot and vice-versa. After several tries, both stayed in finally. I then did the ambient scan and tried out the commands. When I was done, I gently pushed the long tab out of the long slot and, at the same time, gently pushed the crosspiece tab out of its slot. Wham! The whole thing collapsed to its folded state. I thought, Oh, OK.

    It was only then, when I opened it slightly to "deposit" the battery wire, that I got my surprise. The crosspiece was sitting there loose. I cannot reattach it. This is at the opposite end from the tab. It is perfectly clean on both the crosspiece and the spot where it was previously attached, e.g. no evidence of any kind of adhesive. Since there is no evidence of tearing, I am assuming that there should have been some kind of adhesive.

    So, at the moment, what I have is an expensive piece of cardboard that, once I buy a 9V battery, I could use as a flashlight in a pinch. :)

    Using an iPhone 6S on iOS 9.0.2. Please advise. Thank you.
  • tonyknight
    Hi Bob,

    A few comments that might be helpful to you.

    First, I would highly discourage you from using the Lightbox and software with ambient light. As mention in the setup videos, QromaScan works best when it is the main light source. Our software compensates for the 5500 Kelvin LED lights, and we achieve better white balance when these lights are use, and there are no interfering overhead or side lighting. Give it a try and I think you will have better results.

    If you are using a new iPhone 6S, you might have had poorer results than normal due to a bug we found as the new iPhones were being release. The new iPhone uses a 12 megapixel sensor, and our v1.0 code for QromaScan was hard wired for 8 megapixel sensors that have been standard on iPhones since the iPhone 4S. We are waiting for approval from Apple now to release v1.1 of the software, which will fix this bug, add support for the new iPhones, and make all future new resolutions work out of the gate.

    I'm puzzled why you had so much trouble setting up the box. Did you watch this video?

    Can you send me a photo of what happened to the support bar? Please send an email with photo attachments to

    Sometimes voice recognition problems can be easily fixed with a small adjustment. We have added a way for you to send us your voice recognition logs directly to us, and we can analyze them to see what when wrong, and then we can offer some advice. You can get to this setting by going to Settings, then tapping Support, then tapping Send Logs.

  • sactobob
    I had seen the video. I suspect that the Qroma in the video was well worked out, e.g. it had been apart and reassembled lots of times. You can almost see muscle memory in action. Mine, being brand new, was very tight to slide the tabs into the slots -- something that normally goes away after a few disassembles/reassembles. The other difference is that I am very likely at least 50 years older than the young lady, so my fingers, which still work fine, are just not as limber as hers.

    Later today, I will open a ticket and send photos. Thank you for responding.
  • tonyknight
    Hi Bob,

    I can see your point about it being a bit tight when new.  I have been using the same Lightbox I got before the main shipment came in to see how it holds up long term, and it definitely slides into the slot easier after a few passes.

    Many thanks for your comments and let me know if I can help further.

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