QromaScan v1.6 Update Released!

I've very happy to let you know that we have just released QromaScan version 1.6 at the iOS App Store. This is our biggest release to date, and I hope you enjoy the new features. They include:

QLOC Overlay -- Now see your QLOC locations in the Scanning screen

Bug Fixes -- The issue with Dates not getting recognized properly is now resolved.

iPad Support -- Now works natively across all iOS devices, and supports screen rotation in the Gallery view.

Multi Device Support -- Now you can scan your images on an iPhone, and then view or edit them on a larger screen device, like an iPad. You can now run QromaScan on any device connected to your iTunes account and your photos and changes will be synchronized across all of them.

QromaScan Import -- Our biggest new feature. Now you can import untagged photos from your computer through iCloud Drive and bach tag them using our voice recognition tagging system. Requires a one time in app purchase, and which is discounted 50% for the next two weeks.

We have put together a 10 minute tutorial video that goes over all the new features, which you can access here:


We have also updated the online User Guide with all the new features, and you can view it here:


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