Version 1.5 release date

I am much interested in the meta data editing feature mentioned in the video for the version update.  Any idea when it may be released?  I am having issues getting a loc database uploaded to Qroma, cannot rename txt file to qloc  it seems this should be an easy conversion to make in the software.....thoughts.
Tom Eckle, a satisfied user always wanting more!


  • tonyknight
    Hi Tom,

    We should be finalizing v1.5 in about a week, and it usually takes about 7 days for Apple to review and approve the update.  I would say about 10-14 days, and we will be pushing out an email update when we are about to go live.  There are some other iCloud based improvements in 1.5 as well.

    You should be able to save a file with the .qloc extension using any simple text editor just by either ending it with .qloc.  If your text editor insists on saving it with the .txt extention, you can rename it in the Finder or with Windows explorer.

  • tom
    Tony I saved it as a qloc file sent to myself via gmail then tried to open in Qroma scan...nada, just opened qroma scan progrm....can we have both location file and custom aliasing like with name recognition?
  • tonyknight
    Yes, you can have both a .qloc file and a custom name file.  Two questions:

    1) Were you using the Apple Mail program on your iphone when you tried to import the .qloc file inside QromaScan, or were you using another email app on your phone?
    2) Did you have any extra carriage returns after your last entry?

    Try to import the .loc file again, and then immediately send me your debug log.  I can probably figure out why it isn't importing like the name files.

  • tom
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you
    Same issue, I am using gmail on the iphone no spaces, Sent log file 
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