Cloud Backup for v1.4

We are planning some new feature for the next release and want your input for what kind of cloud backup service you are using. We plan at least one for v1.4.  What service would you like us to support first?

1) iCloud Backup
2) Dropbox
3) Google Drive
4) Box


  • tom
    I prefer Google Drive but use, dropbox and onedrive
  • lenni
    Dropbox. :-)

    Thanks for asking!
  • tonyknight
    @lenni  we added iCloud support in version 1.4 with the reasoning that everyone gets 5 gigs of iCloud storage free, so everyone could use it.  It also supports iCloud Drive on Mac and windows, so you can seamlessly edit your photos on your computer, then get it pushed back down to your iPhone.

    That said, we are going to try to include Dropbox support as well.  We have do do a lot of testing to make sure that things will be OK if users have two cloud backup options enabled.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • lenni
    @tonyknight, you're welcome and YAY! for Dropbox support. Even my sister (Mo! Langdon) that is a long-time Mac user and a recent iPhone user votes for Dropbox. I bought two QromaScans - one for me/Android and one for her/iPhone/etc.

    Alas, I have neither a Mac nor an iPhone and I don't really have Windows either. The Windows computers are for work. I do have Windows 10 virtual machines (running under VMWare). I do have an Android phone and an Ubuntu Linux computer. :-D

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