Android Version

How many people QromaScan users/owners are waiting for an Android app?

I'll start this off by saying: Me :)


  • mhodges105
    1 of my grown daughters would be very interested! The other kids switched to Macs when they saw "mom" was having fun with her Macs.
  • bindingagony
    Still hoping for an android version, considering have it but can not even use since no iphone.
  • gabrielr
    Any news on progress with android . I have Qroma scan and want to use it with Sony Xperia
  • lenni
    I am also waiting. :-)
  • docron71

    I love the idea of product you have created and friends that i have given it to have really enjoyed using it as well.  only drawback is that i still can't use mine as i am working on android phone.  in your description on the kickstarter site, you stated there would be android functionality.  we are now several months down the road and you are looking at working on dropbox backup but those of us who have android phones still haven't been even able to use the product.

    could you please let us android users when you anticipate that we will have that functionality and please reassure us that even though you are continually improving your product that you have not forgetten about us.

    thanks for your consideration in this matter.

  • tonyknight
    edited February 2016

    Hello Ron,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. 

    I want to provide a more extended answer about where we are with Android support, and this seemed like the right place to do it.

    Let me first start of by saying that what QromaScan does is inherently quite challenging. In fact, I think I underestimated how many moving parts were needed to make things work the way they do.  QromaScan uses two different voice recognition engines and some sophisticated graphics routines to be able to find, scan and tag the image.

    On iOS, there were a number of mature frameworks that we used to build QromaScan on top of.  Some of these pieces are either completely missing on Android or are incomplete to the point where we would have to write our own interfaces.

    This can be quite challenging for a company that is completely bootstrapped.  One of the reasons we have been able to make rapid updates to the iOS app is that we can do this entirely in house or through the use of a couple of remote developers that have worked on the project for more than a year.  On the Android side, we have been working with offshore development teams, and the results have not been good so far.  Partly, this is due to the complexity of the problem.  Offshore teams are better suited for cookie cutter projects that can be easily ported to both iOS and Android without the use of specialized frameworks.  

    Even in the best case scenarios, developing and deploying for Android isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Let’s look at Kickstarter.  They have some pretty deep pockets (well, deeper than mine….) and they just recently released an Android version of their app, despite having an iOS version available for several years. I looked at the app, and it didn’t strike me as the most exotic thing in the world.  Considering how long it took them to deploy on Android, with the amount of resources they have, you can just imaging how a small fry like me struggled.

    As a consumer, I love Android and I can understand why some users love it too.  As a developer, I’m concerned about how many roads I have to pave before I get parity with iOS.

    I am not suggesting that we are not pursuing Android development.  We are.  I just hate making promises when there is uncertainty.  For that reason, I can’t give you a firm timetable for when we expect to see a version released.

    We have supported more types of iOS devices.  Right now, QromaScan works on iPhone 5 or higher, iPod Touch 5 or higher and iPad Mini 2 or higher. If carrying around an iPhone isn’t in your future, could either of the others be possible?

    Many thanks,


  • Imran
    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the detailed update. I'm glad to hear you haven't abandoned us Android users. Looking forward to one day finally opening up QromaScan.

    All the best,

    Imran J
  • lenni

    I too am looking forward to using my QromaScan with Android. I will not be getting any Apple products.

  • lenni

    Any Android update?


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