People tag didn't "stick"

I'm using the new beta, and put in a people name for a photo. The photo was tagged properly. Then I did a few more with the same person, and the tag appeared to be present the entire time. But then when I went to look at the other photos, the tag only showed up on the first one, and the others had no people tag.


  • kristen
    I also don't see a way to edit the metadata. I see the link to edit, but there's no way to add photos to a tag or add tags to a photo.
  • tonyknight
    There is one instance I can think of where this would occur, and it is a bug that we were just made aware of and are fixing.

    If you say a name and then go to the gallery and come back to the scanner, the name that you previously said still appears in the People metadata filed.  However, if you take another scan this tag would be applied, you will probably find that it is not there when you go in the gallery.  In other words, if you leave the scan screen and go back, the people metadata does not get reapplied, even though it looks like it should.

    Is this what you were seeing, or are you seeing that the metadata gets applied only to the first image, and each subsequent images does not get the tag? We have run some tests on the recent beta, and we are seeing that if you stay in the scan screen, all the metadata seems to be applied as it should.

    That said, however, this could be an edge case and we would like to get to the bottom of it.

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