How to best Scan Photos and Documents that are not Flat

I'm curious if you can recommend (or sell) a piece of plexiglass or other material which would lay on top of photos to flatten them?  Is there a recommended surface treatment which would eliminate surface reflections so a "clean" scan is possible?


  • tonyknight

    I had looked into some plastic sleeves over the summer that could help straighten curled photos, but the ones I tried had a negative effect on image quality.  I'm not sure which size photos you have that have curls in them, but most of mine were 4x6 prints, and I was able to eliminate most of the curvature by gently reverse curling them with one hand.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a surface treatment? Do you mean the chroma green background? That is matte laminated, so it should not be reflective on most of it's surface.

    There is one improvement we are planning to make in a future version of the software that will perspective correct images a bit better than we are doing now.  In the meantime, can you post an example of a photo you are having problems with, or email one to me directly?

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