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So far things are working quite well, BUT…I am missing an important step getting the images off my iPhone to my Mac. The Youtube steps for using iTunes don't seem to match my iPhone screens when connected to my Mac. Are there any other ways to get the images out of QromaScan? 


  • tonyknight

    Depending on the version of iTunes you are using, things can be in slightly different places.  if you are using an older version of iTunes, You may have to highlight your phone, and then from there you have to select 'Apps' to see you installed applications.  To make things more confusing, the layout of your apps on your phone is shown on top, and the section you need to get to is below those screens.

    QromaScan uses a feature called iTunes File Sharing to make the files it creates available to users.  If you don't see your File Sharing enabled apps below the screens that have your app layout, please open a support ticket with us, and I can help walk you through the process.  You can get to the support site here:

    It might be tempting to move the photos over one by one using the sharing tool to copy your photos to your camera roll, but I advise against this.  This tool is controlled by Apple, and while it is useful for posting photos on Facebook and texting, we have found that it strips the metadata we create off the photo before it sends it along.  For now, taking the photos off the device using iTunes File Sharing is the best way to get a group of photos off the phone and preserving the metadata.

    Many thanks,
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