Introducing QromaTag v2

Tag your photos the easy way

using Natural Language Tagging

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Your Photos & Your Stories

Together forever

Our photos tell the story of who we are, where we’ve been and everything we loved along the way. How many times have you looked at a photo and asked yourself what was going on? Wonder no more.

With our prints, our stories were often handwritten on the back, meaning that our photos and stories were always together. Wherever the photo went, the story went with it. Photo metadata is its digital equivalent and can hold the essential elements of the story, such as the true date, exact location, description, and people's names in a way that makes it part of the photo forever. The problem is that these standards are tedious and hard to apply, and often digital images become separated from their story in a ways our prints never were.

  • Talk to Me

    Forget techie standards. Use your own natural language and we'll create the tags for you.

  • Blisteringly Fast

    With two different batch editing modes, tag multiple photos in one shot.

  • Find Photos Fast

    Make scrolling to find photos a thing of the past. Type a few letters and find them instantly.

  • Tell the Backstory

    QromaTag's Voice Over support in the Description tag allows you to embed up to 2,000 characters into any photo.

  • Instant Organization

    Once tagged, import your photos into most popular photo organizers and they will be instantly searchable.

  • In App Metadata Editor

    If you don’t know the exact date, place, or person in a photo, QromaTags’s Metadata Editor makes it easy to fine tune the details later.

  • Location Location Location

    Flip up on any photo and see right where it was taken, or fine tune the location by dragging to the street address.

  • Built in Photo Editor

    QromaTag’s built in photo editor can handles most cropping and other correcting tasks with a few swipes.

  • Tree Friendly

    Import your family tree through a GEDCOM file, and easily tag the relatives in your photos using voice recognition.

  • Multi Device Support

    With integrated iCloud support, you can view, edit and tag your imported photos on any connected iOS device.

  • Multi-Language Support

    QromaTag’s Voice Recognition engine supports 15 different languages and three regional dialects of English.

  • Automatic Reverse Geocoding

    If your photos already have GPS coordinates, QromaTag automatically generates the full location data


There two ways to access the QromaTag v2 User Guide to get started quickly and learn about the advanced features.

On your Computer

If you prefer to read the documentation on your Mac or PC, click here to download a PDF.


The full QromaTag User Guide is also updated for each release and posted here

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    Click on each slide to go from page to page.

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    Click on the QromaTag logo to jump to the Contents slide.

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    Click on any underlined text to jump to that topic.

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    Move your cursor to the left side of the screen and hover for a second to reveal a thumbnail of pages, and use this to directly jump to each slide.

QromaTag Minute

QromaTag has powerful features to help your tag your images quickly. These one to two minute tutorials will help you get up to speed quickly.

  • Newest Features

  • What's New in QromaTag v2

    QromaTag v2 introduces a new technique called Natural Language Tagging. Now describe your photos your own way, and QromaTag will automatically detect important details like the date, location and people, and create metadata tags for them. Watch this 5 minute video to get up to speed.

  • Initial Setup

  • QromaTag Application Setup

    This tutorial covers everything the initial setup you will do before you start tagging images.

  • Adding Names to Voice Recognition

    QromaTag has a powerful second voice recognition engine dedicated to helping recognize the proper names of people in your photos. Add names to your personal voice recognition vocabulary then tag your photos just by saying their names.

  • Importing Images

    QromaTag imports photos through your cloud services and other places so you can tag them easily using your phone. Watch this video to learn how to do this transfer. Also, be sure to watch the 'What's New in QromaTag v1.1' video to see improved methods from importing images.

  • Tagging Images

    With everything set up, now it's time to tag images the easy way. Watch this quick video to see how it's done.

  • Advanced Features

  • Using the Capture Tool

    QromaTag has a built in photo scanner that can help you detect and scan print photos, which you can then tag quickly and easily. See this video for tips on using this tool.

Getting Help

If you run into a problem using the QromaScan app, please open a Support Ticket. Support is free and fast. We will generally get back to you with one business day.