Introducing QromaTag

Tag your photos the easy way

with your iPhone and your voice

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Your Photos & Your Stories

Together forever

Our photos tell the story of who we are, where we’ve been and everything we loved along the way. How many times have you looked at a photo and asked yourself what was going on? Wonder no more.

With our print, our stories were often on the back and this meant that our photos and stories were always together. Wherever the photo went, the story went with it.Photo metadata is the digital equivalent of that little note on the back of your photos from years ago. Tell use the date, location and people in our photos and QromaTag creates industry standard photo metadata tags that are embedded into your images that go wherever your photos go. Use it to find any photo with just a few keystrokes, or to pass on the backstory to a great moment.

No More Scrolling

Find Photos Instantly

Have you every wanted to find a particular photo and found yourself scrolling up and down on your computer or phone? Say goodbye to that frustration. QromaTag creates and embeds industry standard metadata tags into your photos so you can find them easily whenever you want. Just type a few letters of a person's name or the place where it was taken, and your photo appears! Nearly every operating system and photo organization program can read the metadata QromaTag creates.

Tagging photos the old way is hard

Typing, syncing & wondering if your image files are tagged correctly is now a thing of the past.

Qromatag organizes your photos using the thing you probably use most everyday; your voice! Tell us the location, date and people in your photos, and we put everything in the right place.

Powerful Location Tagging

Find them Fast

Ever wonder where a photo was taken? Our iPhones capture some of that information in the form of GPS coordinates that are embedded into every photo we take. QromaTag goes even further. Tell QromaTag the name of a well known place, or even a street address, and it embeds your photos with 5 key pieces of location data so can use to find your photos later. Flip up on the metadata panel of any image to see where it was tagged to, or drag the map over to a more precise location and the photo is retagged with the new location.

Import photos from your iPhone or other location aware devices and QromaTag will automatically reverse geotag the GPS information in those images with the Address, City, State and Country tags. Now you find any photo based on its address.

Cloud Ready

Drag, Drop & Tag

Drag and drop any JPEG photos to the QromaTag Import folder using iCloud Drive on Mac or Windows machine and they will instantly be available for tagging using our unique voice recognition system.

Have both an iPhone and an iPad? QromaTag keeps all your images in sync between both devices so you can tag using a big or small screen.

Tag Quickly

Powered by an amazing voice recognition engine, tagging photos is as easy as talking to your photos.

Tag Precisely

Your iPhone's photos are geotagged precisely. Why shouldn't all your photos? QromaTag can geotag your photos right down to a street address.

Tag Forever

Sure, tagging your photos can find your photos easier to find next month or next year, but those tags will also tell the story of the shot long into the future.

  • Talk to Me

    No need to worry about techie photo metadata standards. Just tell QromaTag the date, location and people in your photos in natural language and we create the tags for you.

  • Blisteringly Fast

    With two different batch editing modes, it’s easy to apply a metadata template to a group of photos and tag them in one shot.

  • Tree Friendly

    Import your family tree through a GEDCOM file, and easily tag the relatives in your photos using voice recognition.

  • Find Photos Fast

    Forget about scrolling to find photos. Type the first letters of a person or place, and BAM!, there it is.

  • Tell the Backstory

    Use QromaTag’s Description captioning feature with Voice Over support and embed a searchable backstory to your most important photos. Store up to a 2,000 character description for each photo.

  • Automatic Reverse Geocoding

    Photos taken with your iPhone come with embedded GPS coordinates. QromaTag automatically resolves these coordinates and generates the address, City, State & Country tags so you can search across your photos for any of those terms.

  • Instant Organization

    Once tagged, your photos can be imported into most popular photo organization programs, such as Apple Photos or Adobe Lightroom where the tags will be read and can be used for organization.

  • In App Metadata Editor

    Sometimes you don’t know the exact date, place, or even a person in a photo. QromaScan’s built in Metadata Editor makes it easy to fine tune the details later.

  • Location Location Location

    Ever wonder where a photo was taken? Flip up on any photo’s metadata and see right where it was taken, or fine tune the location by dragging to the street address.

  • Built in Photo Editor

    No need to run to your computer to add finishing touches to your scans. QromaTag’s built in photo editor handles most cropping and other correcting tasks with a few swipes.

  • Multi Device Support

    With integrated iCloud support, you can view, edit and tag your imported photos on any connected iOS device.

  • Multi-Language Support

    QromaTag’s Voice Recognition engine supports 15 different languages and three regional dialects of English.