Photo Scanning


If you haven’t scanned your dusty old box of photos, or carousel of slides, you’re in good company. Traditional scanning is slow, complicated, and hasn’t evolved much in 20 years. When you are done, you still have to organize them or you won’t find a thing.   That's no fun, right?

Forget about every bad photo scanning memory you’ve every had.   QromaScan* will kick those blues.   Named for a twist on the Hollywood-style special effects technique we use called chroma keying , we've built the ultimate post-PC photo scanner that captures and organizes your photos in one step with the two things you probably use most everyday;  your iPhone and your voice.

* think "crow-ma"

A New, Smarter Way

Scan and Organize in One Step

Designed with simplicity in mind, the QromaScan is the world’s smartest photo scanner. Whether you need to scan photos or slides, QromaScan makes it easy to not only get the get the highest quality scans, but also embed the most important parts of your story into any photo forever by tagging it with photo metadata as you scan.

QromaScan makes scanning and organizing your photos fast and easy.

  • Book-like Design
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  • Tagging Made Easy

Tell Your Story

Put your story into any photo forever

Our prints tell those that see them who we are, where we’ve been and everything we loved along the way. Often we'd flip them over to learn more about those stories. With our digital images, however, where exactly is the 'back of the photo'?

Photo metadata is the perfect digital replacement for what we used to write on the back of our photos, and then some. It can store the dates, places & people that are in our photos in an industry standard way that nearly every computer, web site or mobile device can understand. Want to know where a photo was taken? Photo metadata can give you the exact GPS coordinates. Wonder what was going on in a photo? Photo metadata can store a description of up to 2,000 characters that goes wherever the photo goes. Yet for most people, photo metadata is either too hard to use or too tedious to apply, leaving digital photos less capable as our old prints.

QromaScan changes all that with the world's first voice recognition system for creating photo metadata. Just tell us the date, location and people in your photos and QromaScan creates industry standard photo metadata tags that are embedded into your images that go wherever your photos go. Find your photos with just a few keystrokes, or pass along a great backstory for future generations.

  • Bookish & Brilliant

    QromaScan transforms from a stylish book to a perfect scanner in seconds.

  • Blisteringly Fast

    Scan photos in seconds instead of minutes.

  • Talk to Me

    Tell us what’s in your photos, and QromaScan organizes your photos while you scan.

  • Flip for It!

    QromaScan lets you scan the back of your photos and makes them 'flippable' on your iPhone, and preserves your memories

  • Tree Friendly

    Import your family tree through a GEDCOM file, and easily tag the relatives in your photos using voice recognition.

  • Find it Fast

    Forget about scrolling to find photos. Type the first letters of a person or place, and BAM!, there it is.

  • Import Untagged Photos

    Love QromaScan, but also have a bunch of untagged photos on your computer? Import them into QromaScan, then tag them using our voice recognition tagging system.

  • In App Metadata Editor

    Sometimes you don’t know the exact date, place, or even a person in a photo. QromaScan’s built in Metadata Editor makes it easy to fine tune the details later.

  • Location Location Location

    Ever wonder where a photo was taken? Flip up on any photo’s metadata and see right where it was taken, or fine tune the location by dragging to the street address.

  • Built in Photo Editor

    No need to run to your computer to add finishing touches to your scans. QromaScan’s built in photo editor handles most cropping and other correcting tasks with a few swipes.

  • Multi Device Support

    With integrated iCloud support, scan your photos on your iPhone, then view and edit them on your larger iPad

  • iCloud Enabled

    See your scans instantly on your Mac or PC’s private iCloud Drive folder. Edit the image with your favorite photo editor and the changes go instantly to all your iOS devices running QromaScan.