Getting Started

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Using the QromaScan SlideBox

The new QromaScan SlideBox helps you scan and tag your 35 mm slides and negatives in one step. Watch this updated 4 minute video to get started.

App Download

The QromaScan app can run on any iOS device using iOS 8.0 or later, although we recommend iPhone 5 or newer for scanning.

First download the app from the Apple App Store.


There a a number of ways to access the QromaScan User Guide and other documentation that can help you get started quickly and learn about the advanced features.

Inside QromaScan

The QromaScan App contains a full featured PDF reader, and you can view the User Guide or other help files inside the app by following these steps:

  1. 1.

    Go to the Settings panel, then tap on Documentation.

  2. 2.

    Tap on any of the documentation files to begin downloading it. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, this may take a few second to display while it is downloading.

  3. 3.

    The file will open inside QromaScan where you can view it.

On your Computer

If you prefer to read the documentation on your Mac or PC, and have turned on either iCloud Drive or Dropbox support (which we highly recommend), following the steps above will also download PDF documentation into your computer.

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    For iCloud Drive, open the QromaScan folder on your iCloud Drive and the PDFs you downloaded through the QromaScan app will appear here.

  • -

    For Dropbox, go to the top level of your Dropbox folder, find the 'Apps' folder, and then find the QromaScan folder. The Documentation folder contains PDF copies of any guides that you downloaded with the application.


The full QromaScan User Guide is also updated for each release and posted here

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    Click on each slide to go from page to page.

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    Click on the QromaScan logo to jump to the Contents slide.

  • -

    Click on any underlined text to jump to that topic.

  • -

    Move your cursor to the left side of the screen and hover for a second to reveal a thumbnail of pages, and use this to directly jump to each slide.

QromaScan Minute

Learn to use QromaScan's powerful features through one or two minute video tutorials. Clip on a topic below to watch a quick video. These videos are also available inside the QromaScan app by going to the Settings panel and then pattin on Video Tutorials

  • Newest Features

  • Using Scan Templates

    Scan Templates were introduced in v1.9 and can help you get perfectly cropped faster than ever.

  • Batch Metadata Editing

    It's now easy to select multiple images from the Gallery and add or replace metadata changes to the whole group.

  • What's new in QromaScan v2.2

    We added Dropbox support, notifications and new ways to import images into QromaScan. get up to speed with this 5 minute video

  • Initial Setup

  • QromaScan Application Setup

    Learn to set your language and cloud storage preferences before you scan your first image.

  • Adding Names to Voice Recognition

    Add names to your personal voice recognition vocabulary for use with tagging images with people’s names.

  • Scanning your First Photo

    After setting up the app and adding names to your vocabulary, see how to scan your first photo.

  • Using the QromaScan USB Adapter

    Learn how to use the QromaScan USB adapter as an alternative to using 9 volt batteries to power the LightBox.

  • Using QromaScan StayFlat

    If some of your photos have a slight curl to them, and do not lay flat in the QromaScan Lightbox, learn how QromaScan StayFlat can flatten them during the scanning process.

  • Advanced Features

  • Scanning the Back of your Photos

    QromaScan can preserve the historical value of the back of your photos and let you flip the back and forth in the Gallery.

  • Using the Location Viewer & Editor

    The Location Viewer can show on a map where your images are tagged to, and also lets you fine tune the location.

  • Using Name Aliasing

    If you have a name that is hard to get recognized, learn how name aliasing can help get even your toughest to pronounce name recognized consistently.

  • Adding Custom Place Presets

    If you use the same location often, or if you want to define an exact location for your photos, learn how Custom Place Presets allows you to use a preset to quickly tag locations.

  • Crop & Straighten your Photos

    If your images have a little green around the edges, learn two ways to crop and straighten your photos.

Getting Help

If you run into a problem with your Lightbox, or using the QromaScan app, please open a Support Ticket. We will generally get back to you with one business day.